Thursday, January 9, 2014

5 1/2 YEARS!

Sigh, finally, I got the will, energy and time to carry on with my blog. Will just update with recent things then, so that I can list down my thoughts and keep track of my life :)

Recently I went back to Melaka for the holidays which is very easy to remember. (School holidays). Anyway, whenever anyone asks me : "You studying is it?"

Then I'll answer with a smile: "Yes". Followed by their curious face and a reply: "Oh, where?" To which I'll reply: "In Ipoh!". And most probably I'll get an answer like, "Oh, that's very far." "Where in Ipoh?" Then I'll simply reply, "Well, a place not really that famous; Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Ipoh."

Some will be looking in the sky as if the answers lie in the clouds or ceiling or even in their memories. However, they'll most probably say, "Hmm..." Then I'll continue to explain saying "You know the Lost World of Tambun?"

"Yes! Yes!" Then I'll say, "Just nearby there" Then they'll say "ooohh...."

Then it comes...... "How long have you studied there?"
"3 years and a half."
"Oh, that means you're going to end soon?"
Then I'll say, "Well, if 2 more years is soon then..... yeah, I'll end soon."

They'll do a little mental calculation and ask with a gobsmacked face, "5 and a half years? Just for teaching?" Then I'll coolly reply saying that it is a degree course and that these days the minimum requirement for being a teacher is a degree. Then we'll be considered professionals in our field.

All in all, yea.... this teaching course is a really long one and due to its ups and downs, these 5 and a half years can be excruciating and slow. There are of course times when I feel like time flies and I end up enjoying the things I do and slowly think about the future and what/where I would see myself in the future. Sigh, there are many things that dwells in this noggin of mine, however, I'm a man of not a few words and I'd prefer to talk about it. So, basically, I do not have the patience to carry on typing. Nonetheless, I will always keep the sweetest of memories near to my heart and the worst as far away as possible because in life, one must strive in chaos :)

Yesterday was one of those times where I would love to remember. My Class Early-Year Lunch. A few pictures will I put together...
This is only half of my class though

the other half who were not indulging in the food section

Well, first-world stuff.

We are who we are

I told them before the shot, "muka tengah berak!" (Passing motion face)

our current class rep

Well, hopefully we'll continue on as a strong class together in times of hardship and turmoil.

Til the next time,

Eugene WCW

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